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Float Protocol

  • 5 weeks since the start of the new multiplier pools
  • Over $18M total value locked up
  • $500k given out in rewards
  • Number of exits ≤10 per pool


  • Treasury diversifying
  • Pool Party with OHM
  • New pools (incl. FLOAT-USDC)

Gelato Uni
  1. New pools, New rules
  2. Multipliers applied to staked deposits, no 8 day unlock
  3. Incl. FLOAT-USDC (Uniswap v3 + Gelato, low fee)
  4. New BANK-only pool

Rewards pause for a little bit, float at target


  • Basket Bags vote passed
  • Treasury Diversification vote
  • New pools vote
  • FLOAT at target as rewards are paused for a bit

Credit to voidberg on Discord
  • Finalising the Treasury diversification
  • Move to Scattershot vote for ETH Pegged yielding assets in Basket
  • Splash page is ready to deploy
  • Template code released for arbitrage bot

Credit: bubba from the discord


  • Utilising the Basket with Flash Loans & 1:1 ETH earning assets
  • Auction Price Buffer Alteration
  • Spreading FLOAT to other L1 / L2s
  • Paul talks about DAOs in Crypto: Tel Aviv
  • Treasury Diversification & Reaching out to builders in the space
  • Making FLOAT more approachable (New Splash Page & Dev Docs)

credit to: voidberg from the discord
  1. Same pools, same rules
  2. No need to unstake or restake to continue participating
  3. New rewards
  1. The Basket TVL has grown from 1,627 ETH on Launch day to 2,263 ETH in 2 weeks (once we return to 100% this…

Float Protocol

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